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Steph, chef, look at Curry man. Become a knockdown shooter with Splash as you learn how to extend your shooting range using the techniques of the most elite shooters in the world. Your shot will be wet like water whether you catch and shoot, pull up or step back. 


Handles is a ProBall favourite where players learn all the skills they need to break ankles and make defenders look lost. Challenging both hands and improving ballhandling + passing skills will make you love the idea of taking on double teams and beating your man to create for yourself and your team.

Hot Sauce

1v1, floaters, jelly layups, pro hops, pull-ups etc. Everything individual offence is covered in Hot Sauce. This is the most effective training to become an elite scorer. 


Showtime is the time to showcase your skills and implement everything you’ve worked on into a 5v5 game simulation. Working with teammates in a pick up scenario and learning the ProBall 5 out offense gets you ready to perform at your absolute best when the lights come on and all the eyes are watching. 

Triple Threat

Dribble, Pass or Shoot.  This class teaches you to read the defense and be ready to attack at all times.  It all starts with the fundamentals. 

Class Schedule

More classes coming soon…

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All Skill Levels

At ProBall, we help young athletes get better, seasoned ProBaller’s and new players alike. All exercises range from beginner to advanced so that everyone is at the cutting edge of their skill level. 

Greatness in All Areas

Each class focuses on all around skill development with an emphases on building a specific skill at the heart of becoming a great basketball player. 

The Proball Difference

Skill Development

Through tailored programs delivered by nationally certified coaches: how to run, shoot, dribble, pass, bounce and generally have a lot of fun!


By meeting new kids and participating in weekly activities that encourage team building and social play.


This one is very important to us. We want to foster a love of the sport, so it’s important that every child leaves the court happy with a smile on their dial.