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Experience the Ultimate Adventure!

Embark on the Ultimate Basketball Odyssey! Since 1984, ProBall has curated unparalleled USA Tours, setting the gold standard for young Aussie basketball enthusiasts. Our legacy, rich with decades of experience, continues as we pave the way for the next generation of athletes to seize extraordinary international opportunities.

 Intense Basketball Action:

Take centre stage as you face off against USA high school teams in matches designed to elevate your game and expand your horizons.


NBA and College Games:

Immerse yourself in the electric energy of live NBA and College basketball showdowns. Feel the pulse of top-tier American basketball as you witness the skill, passion, and drama unfold before your very eyes.


Unforgettable Adventures:

Our tours are not just about the game – they’re about creating indelible memories. Dive into the excitement of renowned theme parks, marvel at breathtaking sights, and craft moments that will resonate for a lifetime. Our blend of sports and adventure ensures an all-encompassing experience like no other.


Cultural Exchange:

Forge lasting friendships with local athletes and fellow Aussie players. Experience the vibrant diversity of American culture and build connections that extend beyond the court.

Who are ProBall Tours for:

Basketball Enthusiasts aged between 12-18yrs (as of December 2025). Kids will need at least 2 years basketball experience. 

Tour Itinerary

Days 1-10

Touch down in the USA and acclimate to your new surroundings. Dive straight into the action with thrilling matchups against USA High School Teams, totaling approximately 6 games. Arrive in the USA and get settled. Training sessions and team bonding activities.

Days 11-15

Jet off to California for a whirlwind of excitement. Experience the adrenaline rush of theme parks like Disneyland and Universal Studios, explore iconic landmarks along Hollywood Boulevard, and soak in the rich cultural fabric of the USA. Cap off your journey with unforgettable NBA and College Basketball games, cheering on powerhouse teams such as the Lakers, Clippers, or Warriors.

what They’re Saying

Tour Testimonials

I went on a 3 weeks ProBall Tour and loved every minute of it. This tour led to an opportunity for me to play for Mercer Island High School in Seattle, Washington State.

I’m forever grateful for this experience and will cherish this memory forever.


I went on a ProBall Tour which played against USA high schools in Washington State and Oregon. Although we didn’t win many games, we were competitive in every game. The games were electric and I’ll never forget playing in front of cheerleaders.

I went back several years later as a ProBall Tour leader.


We surprised ourselves by winning a majority of our games. I particularly loved the NBA games and visiting Disneyland & Knotts Berry Farm. 

Stopping off in Hawaii for 3 days on the way home was the perfect way to wind down.



BEN OSBORNE – NSW tour leader

– Ben has worked in basketball for the last 30 years.

– Career highlights to date include: GM of City of Sydney Basketball Association, winning a silver medal at the 2012 London Paralympics and fathering 2 children who sometimes follow direction.

– Ben is most passionate about junior player development.

Scott Loveday – South australia tour leader

– Scott is a seasoned basketball coach with over 12 years of experience in youth development and coaching. 

– Career highlights to date include: Government Youth Worker, 12 years as a Junior Head Coach U10s to U18s, SA Junior State Player U16/U18s, ABA Senior Men’s Coach for 7 years, and SA Metro Head Coach U16/U18s for 4 years.

– Scott is one of the OG, and he´s been a member of the 1988 Proball USA Tour Norwood Flames.

– And he has 2 daughters playing D1 Norwood Flames U14/U16.